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Welcome to our wedding site! Here we will be putting information about the location of our wedding, timetable of the day and a section where you can RSVP to your wedding invite. We can't wait to share our special day with you all.

Married for 58 days

About Us



Well, what can I say about Simon, that can be published on here? I am afraid I won't be using this space to rip him to shreds, as it would be untrue!

I have had the privilege of meeting a number of people that have known Simon a long, long time through my work, and absolutely no one has had a bad word to say about him. I can't say I do either. Of course, he drives me mad with his constant puns and dad jokes and his inability to use a washing basket to collect his washing, but I can't say these are deal breakers, and his sense of humour is one of my favourite things about him (but please don't tell him, it'll only increase the jokes).

There is also the side that not many people see through the jokes... he is genuinely kind and would do anything for anyone, especially for our families and friends. He has slotted perfectly into my family, becoming not just a son in law to my parents, but also a friend. He was a rock to us all in 2017, when our family went through a very difficult time and I don't think that's something I can ever thank him enough for. He happily spends time with my friends (I guess they are our friends now!) and has (almost) overcome his fear of small children by the hours he has spend with my Godson, Jack, and my other best friend's daughter, Martha, as well as time with his own best friends' children, George, Ella and Emma. He has the ability to make me smile, even after the worst of days. Although his only fear is emotional women and he hasn't got much past the patting of the shoulder if I cry, but I can't expect miracles!

I am always proud to say I am marrying him and am totally proud of the man he is. He is the bravest person I know and someone I know would go to the ends of the Earth to make me happy and to protect me. There is nothing more I can want in my husband than someone who loves me, is kind, caring, honest and makes me laugh, so I am so glad he asked me to marry him. It was the easiest question I will answer until the 18th May 2019.



When I first met Lindsay I had absolutely no idea that we would embark on such an amazing journey together. People thought we were crazy to go on holiday together after only a few weeks (and deep down we probably did too...), but here we are... getting married. EEK!!

Lindsay values her friendships very dearly and two of her oldest friends, Annie and Jo, have been gracious enough to do us the honour of helping us celebrate our big day. They have been friends since the early days of secondary school and have stuck together through thick and thin, as true friends do. Lindsay is fiercely loyal, which is a quality I greatly admire. Lindsay, Annie and Jo have been through so much together, so much that I could easily fill page after page, but they are always there for each other and I am so pleased that Annie and Jo are going to be such an integral part of our wedding in their capacity as bridesmaids.

Lindsay's family are very important to her too and she makes every effort to speak to her parents, Lynne and Mick, every day and sees them as often as she can. I am very grateful to Lynne and Mick for welcoming me into their home and making me feel part of the family. Lindsay's grandparents Edmund, Iris and Margaret are loved dearly by her and I am sure they are proud of the woman she has become.

You can probably gather from the above that Lindsay is very kind and caring, which is certainly true. If she could help it we would have already adopted most of the animals posted by the various rescue groups on Facebook. Thankfully, we just have the wonderful Kip and Poppy, who light up our lives every day. Lindsay also has a frighteningly good memory, which means I don't get away with a great deal, but it also helps with her academic side. Lynne and Mick tell me that when she went on holiday as a young child, she would regularly take seven or eight books away with her... and finish them all. That love of reading has carried over into adulthood, though it's far easier carrying a Kindle around nowadays!!

Another enduring quality is how driven Lindsay can be when she wants to do something. I was immensely proud to see her being attested as a Special Constable and, medical and fitness test permitting, I will be equally proud to see her attested as a regular police officer. The emotional rollercoaster of the recruitment process is something I have been through myself and I can tell you it is no walk in the park!!

I am so happy to be marrying Lindsay. We have already had some amazing experiences together and I look forward to a lifetime of them.

Lindsay truly is my best friend and that early holiday to Albufeira laid down the solid foundations of our relationship. It was very much 'make or break' and, I am pleased to say, we certainly made it!

Simon & Lindsay

How we met...

In September 2014. Lindsay was taking advantage of the fact her friend, Justin Limb (Best Man), was a really rubbish Burnley FC supporter and failed to attend most home games. She was doing the selfless act of attending in his place. One week, a fortunately timed case of food poisoning struck down Lynne Hirst (Mother of the Bride), which resulted in Lindsay being unable to attend a really riveting 0-0 draw against Sunderland as she had to visit her mum in hospital. Simon was the chosen one to be next in line to receive the sacred ticket. As Simon and Lindsay both worked in the same building at this time (...and Simon had done a spot of Facebook stalking and liked the look of Lindsay), they arranged for Simon to return the ticket back to Lindsay. The rest, they say, is history.

The proposal...

Simon booked a trip to New York In January 2016, under the guise that the pair were going to Poland on a low key trip. Lindsay, being the smart and nosy cookie she is found out the true venue ahead of time, but just thought Simon was being annoyingly frivoulous with their cash in order to visit his favourite city and, in all honesty, was slightly miffed. Little did she know that Simon's wonderful parents (well, most likely his Mum!), had offered to pay for their flights in order for Simon to carry out the engagement deed.

On their first night, they took a romantic walk across Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn and had tea at the best pizza place in NYC, before walking along the banks of the East River admiring the landmarks across the water. Lindsay commented how she doubted she would ever see a more spectacular view and Simon decided he was onto a winner with this location. However, other pesky tourists refused to leave the area and so the pair walked in circles in the freezing temperatures for a further half an hour. Lindsay kept asking why they didn't head to the subway to somewhere warmer, to snarls of 'Not yet!' through Simon's chattering teeth. Eventually, within Brooklyn Bridge Park, Simon saw his opportunity to get on one knee, almost getting lost in the fallen snow... and asked Lindsay to be his wife. She said yes without hesitation.

Wedding Venue

Haworth Art Gallery, Accrington
3.00pm on the 18.05.19

We have chosen Haworth Art Gallery as our wedding venue as we fell in love with the building and grounds as soon as we saw it. The building is extremely grand at the front, yet inside it feels extremely intimate and the staff have been nothing but helpful and honest throughout. It also has beautiful grounds and the most fantastic rose garden, which we hope will be blooming in time for the big day. The location is also as central as possible for both sets of family and friends!

Show Details

Wedding Venue

Name - Haworth Art Gallery

Address - Hollins Lane, Accrington, BB5 2JS

Tel - 01254 233782

Web - http://

Parking - There is a free car park to the side of the venue.


This is the rough timings of how we expect things to run on the day. Mostly, just make sure you're there for 2:30pm if you're there for the ceremony and sometime after 7pm for the evening do!

Saturday 18th May 2019

  • 2:30pm - Guests begin to arrive
  • 3:00pm - Ceremony
  • 3:30pm - Signing of register & Photos
  • 4:30pm - Wedding Breakfast & Speeches
  • 7:00pm - Evening Do

Wedding Party Profiles


Get to know the wedding party.

The Bridesmaids

Here is some background as to why these two lovely ladies are a huge part of our day!

Annie Heaton

Annie Heaton

Lindsay (or ‘Little Linds’ as she was known in Year 7 to differentiate with a taller friend of the same name) and I go back 20 years now. This is scary and it is taking me a moment to process.

From our first few weeks as pre-pubescent geeks in Mrs Rutter’s 7L form group, we have stuck through thick and thin over the years. We started out as friends in lessons and running club at school and over time our bond has strengthened over a shared love of the band Barenaked Ladies (we love you, Ed!) fantasy fiction (Harry Potter, The Hunger Games) and alcohol!

We have had many laughs and both come through many trials over the years and I was honoured to be asked to be a bridesmaid for Lindsay as she is one of my oldest best friends, a real ‘rock’ in the chaos of adult living.

We don’t get to see each other as much as I’d like anymore (combination of shift work, childcare and lack of free time!) but I know that she’s always there for me just a message away, and vice versa.

 I was so happy when she met Simon, I could just see the fiery side of her coming through again after months and even years of emotional uncertainty. In spite of his dad jokes and penchant for buying too many biking accessories (and thus making my husband envious!) he is a top bloke who has made Lindsay nothing but happy since I’ve met him – it’s rare not to hear a bad word spoken against one’s partner but this is the case with these two!

I’m so proud of the distance she has come with Simon by her side and I can’t wait to see the happy couple exchange their lifelong vows as they embark on the next chapter as a married couple!

 Love, Annie x

Joanne Royle

Joanne Royle

Hi! I’m Joanne, and I have the honour of being one of Lindsay’s bridesmaids for her and Simon’s wedding day.

 Lindsay and I have been friends since high school. She was the brains behind most of the homework I submitted (thank you!) and a very willing accomplice in some pretty “creative” Food Technology lessons...  (See me for more details).

In return, like any good friend would, I acquired Lindsay alcohol, and was by her side while she got drunk for the first time, and expertly sobered her up before returning her home to her parents (sorry Lynne!).

Not only is Lindsay the best friend anyone could hope for, she is also a terrific godmother to my Little Beastie, and both she and Simon can always be relied upon every birthday and Christmas to provide the police themed toys and very authentic police fancy dress for him…

Lindsay and Simon are a perfectly matched couple. They encourage and support each other better than anyone else I know. They are also both very short!

It has been a pleasure to see her achieve her dreams with Simon by her side and I know that will continue as husband and wife.
Lindsay has remained a true and loyal friend throughout the years. She is devoted to her friends, family, career and Simon.
I cannot wait to share the big day with the happy couple!

Let’s do this!

The Groomsmen

Here is some fun info about our groomsmen, which they have written themselves, that gives you a bit of an idea why Simon trusts them to get him to the art gallery on time!

Justin Limb

Justin Limb

Hello everyone and welcome to Simon and Lindsay’s wedding website .
My name is Justin and I am Simon's best man This is a role that among other things includes being trusted with getting Simon to the wedding at the right time and looking after the wedding rings.... So if I'm the ' best' Simon is going to be in big trouble on the day.... Joking aside I was truly honoured and excited to have been asked by Simon to be his Best man and I'm really looking forward to the wedding of the year.
I met Simon many years ago when I made the insane decision to give up my free time and become a special constable. Little did I know at that time what a life changing decision that would be.
I pretty much met Simon on day one of the first training course as he was    an 'experienced' special he played the part of a criminal as I tried and failed to arrest him during role plays. We instantly became good friends and have remained so ever since. We share a love for     Burnley Fc, real ale, travel, takeaways and watching rubbish movies.  Although like me Simon can be the class clown he is a really kind hearted honest and all round good guy Lindsay has bagged herself a brilliant husband.
Speaking of Lindsay I'm not sure when we first met but it was through one of the ushers Chris but it was ironically enough at police Hq where we became good friends at a  non police civil service training week. Lindsay then joined the same  running club and we enjoyed many runs chatting away putting the world to rights..
It was only a matter of time before  the two worlds collided and by a strange quirk of fate I lit the fuse which has led us to the wedding.
They are an amazing couple and both really good friends to not only myself but a lot of you too.
The wedding is going to be amazing please come up to me and say "Hi Justin don't you look smart, would you like a drink"
Enjoy the day everyone

Lee Burdis

Lee Burdis

"You were working as a copper on a riot van,
When I met you.
We went down south to sort 'em out,
And turn it around, turn London into something new.
Now 7 years on, you've got size 5's on your feet.
Your height has been an issue for you.
Now don't forget, I know you're higher ranked than me.
But I'm a better singer than you.
Don't, don't you want me..."
Think I'll stop it there, it's getting a little weird.

Chris Farrar

Chris Farrar

Hello for those that don’t know me my name is Chris, but you may call me by my full name at the wedding, which is “Christian do you want a drink?”. I have been entrusted with an Ushers role at the Strickland wedding, which shows some sort of naivety on behalf of the Bride and Groom as most of the time I don’t know whether I am coming or going. So if you follow my directions, expect to get lost and arrive late.

I have known Lindsay for approx 20yrs as we went to the same high school in Brierfield. Which when we joined was held in great esteem in the area as a Technology College and was massively over performing. However by the time we left it was in special measures and was bulldozed a few years later. I am not sure what that says about the school, the teachers or the calibre of us students. Following school we kept in touch with friends at quiz nights at the now abandoned Marsden Cross Pub. Theme appearing here! everywhere we go shuts down. But what I do know is that I made some awesome friends in them pubs and classrooms and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Now moving on to Simon, I have known him for probably 10yrs now and I am not 100% sure how I came to meet him. I think it was through my lovely wife Lisa, who once worked on the same team as him at Burnley. He just seems to have appeared on a house party/night out and we have been unable to shake him off since. Simon, Justin and I have been to many Burnley away games over the years and as avid Burnley fans we have seen the ups and downs. This has happened less so in recent years as Simon seems to be able to get on them for free in his work capacity.
That being said he does know how to host a “s**t film night” with the infamous Man vs Meat kebab and some strange film titles. He also came on my stag do and knows how to get people severely drunk/ill on absinthe!!!

Joking aside, I am honoured to play a small part in Simon and Lindsay’s special day and I wish them both happiness and success in their work and home lives as they embark on married life. Cheers and see you all on the big day.


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We know it’s not traditional
Its not the way it’s done…
But instead of pots and pans,
We’d like a little fun!
So if you’d like to give a gift to help us celebrate…
Some help towards our honeymoon,
We would appreciate!
The choice is really up to you
And we would like to say…
That the best gift we could receive
Is you here on our special day!
Thank you!


Although we do love all of the children of our friends and family we would request that our wedding remain adults only. So book a sitter and dust off those dancing shoes! We really hope all the parents out there understand and are still able to join us!